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WE Transport Celebrates Employees Who Are Collision-Free For 10 Years

WE Transport is celebrating all of our dedicated drivers who have gone ten years driving our buses and vans without a collision. The celebration will happen this Thursday for our Nassau County employees, and Friday for our Suffolk County employees. The following is a list of all of our employees who have achieved this amazing milestone:


  • James M. Alexandro
  • Marie A. Altema
  • Gregory T. Clark
  • Rudy L. Fresiello
  • Jeffrey S. Gross
  • Peral Saint Jean
  • Harold J. Schneider


  • Maria L. Costa
  • Reginal Dorvilier
  • Lillian D. Menchan
  • Sonya V. Myrick
  • Jean P. Termidor


  • Jorge A. Berrios


  • Elizabeth A. Martin
  • Marie A. Moran
  • Jesus Ortiz Vera
  • Michael F. Sudano
  • Catherine T. Wolf

Pine Aire

  • Robert L. Green
  • Allan Lebowitz
  • Sonia Mori
  • Sue Rubenstein

Blue Point

  • Matthew Ahr
  • Wayne Campbell
  • Evan Greco
  • Alan Noblett Jr.


  • Salvatore Canino
  • Federman Izquierdo
  • Pastore Martinez Bonilla
  • Vincenta N. Mendoza
  • Kenneth Morrison
  • Joanne Nelson
  • Maria Osorio
  • Pierre E. Paul
  • Isauro I. Urizar
  • Nestor I. Vasquez
  • Armando A. Velasquez
  • Gary H. Wilbert


  • Maria Santiago
  • Henry Dominguez
  • Tabatha Hill
  • Carmen Perez
  • Ramon Rodriguez
  • Katrina Washington

WE Transport would like to congratulate all of these amazing drivers for their impressive achievement! Here are some photos from some of our award presentation ceremonies from around our company: